Prevent stolen card data from being reused with BREACH-RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY

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Meet MultiTeqTM

Patented technology designed to protect your data from card-related fraud, breaches and identity theft when you swipe or insert your card.

  • Power Turn on your card to generate a unique code for every onsite transaction.
  • Multiple Accounts Choose how you want to pay with up to three accounts issued by your bank.
  • Universal Acceptance Swipe at magnetic stripe terminal or insert into chip reader.
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  • Chip/EMV Pay with secure, changing chip codes that expire after every use.
  • Energizer StripeTM Pay with the only card that provides secure, changing magnetic stripe codes that expire after every use.
  • Durable Design Drop it, get it wet, expose it to extreme conditions, MultiTeq has passed rigorous industry standard testing.

Advanced Card Security is now in your hands

Inside lies a powerful mini computer that instantly produces unique codes for each in-store transaction.

These changing codes are used to authenticate card data with your bank. Even if card information is hacked, the data cannot be reused again.



Ultra Simple

  • Carry less, but get more with one card issued by your bank that can store multiple credit and debit accounts.
  • Use it right out of the envelope. Pay securely whether you swipe your card or insert into a chip reader.
  • Track your transactions on your bank’s normal website or mobile app.

Unmatched Security

  • Defend yourself at point of sale or ATM terminals from common forms of fraud that result from skimming and data breaches.
  • Arm yourself with changing authentication codes that protect every swipe or chip transaction.
  • Avoid the anxiety, hassles and aftermath of being a victim of card data breaches.

Trusted Technology

We work very hard to do all we can to protect our cardholders from fraud no matter where they shop. By incorporating FiTeq’s technology in our cards we now have a way to ensure the security of their data globally...

Validated Security Platform

FiTeq’s technology is already used in over 100 million U.S. contactless cards and mobile devices.

FiTeq products are protected by a portfolio of over 50 issued U.S. and international patents.