MultiTeqTM Protects Everyone. Except Hackers

The MultiTeqTM Solution

The magnetic stripe is still a prevalent way to pay, and the only method accepted at checkout terminals worldwide. It’s also easiest for fraudsters to exploit.

In a matter of seconds, card data can be skimmed at these terminals or stolen from the stored transaction records.

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What happens when hackers try to use your stolen transaction data?

Fraudulent charges. Frustration. Inconvenience. Embarrassment if your card is declined unexpectedly.

Besides the obvious hassle, it costs consumers, merchants and issuers a lot of time and money to investigate and resolve the situation.

Genuine cardholders also need to reprogram auto payments when given a replacement card.


What happens when hackers try to use your stolen MultiTeq™ transaction data?


Stolen MultiTeq™ card data cannot be reused because it expires after every transaction.

How it Works: for Consumers

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MultiTeq is different

It’s the ONLY viable solution that fits into existing infrastructure with patented security features.